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Susan Horn Greif


This week’s Inspired Messenger is a beautiful lady named Susan Horn Greif who uses Art to Heal Hearts ….literally.

Susan is a Creative Arts Therapies consultant and works with private clients as well as doing workshops and giving presentations.

When I asked her to tell me a little about her amazing work, this was her response.

Creative Arts Therapy allows me to integrate my education in the sciences, psychology, art, dance, drama, photography, multi-sensory learning, and the healing arts, (as well as my experience in raising four children), to help access self-awareness, self-expression and self-healing.

Susan also uses creative techniques  assist children with learning disabilities.

Creative Arts Therapies uses all of the senses in order to access feelings, memories and images.

Susan incorporates visual imagery, kinetic dance/movement, stimulating rhythmic music, empathetic role-playing, verbal guidance, and positive intentions in her work and a heaping helping of unconditional love for all those who come into her circle.

I am honored to know this very special Inspired Messenger and bless her to continue sharing her special gifts and help others to grow from strength to strength.

For further information Susan Horn Greif can be contacted at

Scott Dehn

This week’s Inspired Messenger, Scott Dehn, is not only a student of Holistic Science, Spiritual/Divine Science, and a Reiki Teacher, he is also working on his novel “The Learnings of Sarah Monroe. Nature Photographer”
Two years ago, nearly to the day, he was hospitalized for severe weight loss and extremely low blood pressure. It was toward the end of what he would call surrendering to God, as many aspects of his life were in a free-fall, seemingly into an abyss. He nearly died.

During his week long stay in the hospital, Scott was guided to do more in imparting spiritual beliefs to others. As Scott says. “I have always been active, teaching Reiki, being altruistic, but God was pushing for more, and I clearly sensed that calling.”

Because of this, he is writing a novel about a young girl who comes into spiritual awareness after a tragedy, sharing inspiration on social media, and has started a four year journey to get his ministry in Divine Science.

Scott Dehn knows that he has much to share, many to help, and a lot of unconditional love to spread. And because of this realization is grateful for his learning and many opportunities.

I asked Scott what inspired message he would like to share and his answer was this: I encourage all who may be reading this to consider more. The world, our lives, are not about how much we can attain or how much power we can wield; it is about being loving and caring, providing assistance, a helping hand to someone or many. This is an evolutionary process, and will unfold naturally. But this, by no means, suggests we have to wait. Take action. Join the evolution now.

On a personal note, Scott has been instrumental in providing me with many of the inspiring messages, notes and quotes which have helped launch so successfully.   He embodies many of the character traits I value so very much in others and does it all in a modest and unassuming way.

I am very proud to have him in my circle and look forward to his continued growth from strength to strength!

Scott  Dehn can be reached on Twitter @ScottDehn or Facebook at!/scott.dehn

I Am a Warrior

Mikayla Francis touched the hearts of Australians, and offered a final poignant message of love for her dad before losing her battle with cancer.
Her biggest fear was being forgotten, but her story prompted an emotional outpouring from hundreds, who pledged they would always remember her, granting her greatest wish.

“The most important things I’m going to remember are her courage and faith and her unwavering selflessness. Her care and love and consideration for other people was amazing. She always thought about everyone else before herself. She was seven years old. She didn’t know why and she couldn’t comprehend it but she didn’t waver in her faith. Her mom put her hand on her chest and I put my hand on her shoulder, and as soon as we touched her, there was a sigh and two breaths, and she was gone,” Mr Francis said.

We rarely take advantage of the fleeting moments as they pass, but in this moment, I wanted to dedicate the following to Courageous little Mikayla, so that she will never be forgotten. Please share, so that we may honor her darling spirit, visiting us too briefly. When I honor her memory, I think of her saying these words:

I am a warrior.

I accept that life has challenges, that the road to success and mastery is strewn with the bodies of those who believed it would be easy, and did not prepare. I prepare. Every day I sharpen my mind and heart.

I know that fear is a constant companion for those who would live an authentic existence, free of comforting illusion. I make fear my friend, allowing it to empower me, to drive me toward my destiny. I put my love in front of me, my fear behind me, and run like hell.

I take responsibility for my actions and emotions, for my destiny. I know that I am the only one who can bring my dreams into reality, and have organized my mind and emotions so that every action is in alignment with my most deeply held values.

I know that action creates emotion, and resolve to take effective action toward my goals every single day, without fail. However small, I will take at least one single step to clarify my mind and heal my heart. I break my long-term goals into bits I can accomplish one step at a time. Always, I remember that the Way is in training–in constant, conscious action.

I have the honesty to know I cannot do it all alone. I commit to facing my death with grace and calm. A warrior is not, as some mistakenly think, merely someone willing to die for what they believe in. That could also be said of a martyr. A warrior is willing to destroy her own ego, day after day, to make room for the best and most authentic essence of her true Heart to emerge.

I have faith in a caring, living universe that sustains me, in God, in something larger and more enduring than my transitory physical existence. I will never be limited by my own flaws and failings: I have more. I have faith.

I confront my challenges and meet them head on if necessary, but never forget to be flexible and creative: I will go over, under, around and through. I’ll try new things. Try old things. Work harder, smarter, faster, better. Try early, try late. Give it everything I have, day after day when others have yielded to fatigue and doubt. And then I will work even harder and longer.

I teach the world by example. Every step, every breath, every word, every action represents me. I behave at all times as if my most honored teachers and beloved friends know my heart and see my actions. I commit at all times to being my very best. I also know that every day opens the door to the next level of action and challenge. Every ending is a new beginning. I commit to sharing what I have learned. I am a link in a chain of striving, caring, struggling human beings stretching back to the dawn of time, and forward to a brighter future.

Here and now, however short that time may be, I vow my heart to be the strongest link in that chain.

I will commit to nothing less.

I am a warrior.

You are remembered, Mikayla.

A Walk in the Woods


One of the simple pleasures in my life is walking my son’s service dog in the forest behind his home.  Bella is a gorgeous white golden doodle  who was specially trained to assist Daniel with many tasks after he underwent a very serious Neurological operation in 2008.  Thankfully, he has made an amazing recovery and his beloved little girl is now an adored family pet.

One of Bella’s favorite things to do is chase the squirrels she sees as we make our way around the various paths, and of course have me chase her as she runs along after them.

On one of our recent walks I came upon the branches winding across the path ahead of me  (just as you see in the picture I have attached) and thought of how powerful the message was that G-d was showing me through this simple act of nature.

How many times are we going along on our way, carrying out the various tasks we need to accomplish, when suddenly we are met with some sort of obstacle that causes us to stop and take notice.

An accident on the road as we travel to our destination, a delay in receiving some needed documents or paperwork, a sudden illness that delays our plans or even some weather pattern that makes it not possible to continue as we had planned.

I’m reminded of a friend who accidentally locked herself out of the house trying to prevent a squirrel from coming in through her back door.  The screen door it seems was locked, and after shooing the unwanted visitor away, there she stood in her back garden with only her cell phone to help her get back in!

Her first frantic call was to her husband, rushing into the city in morning traffic, hoping to be in his office for the 9 am deadline most brokers and traders are vigilant about meeting.

His response was less than friendly when she retold what had transpired and begged him to turn around and come back to rescue the “damsel in distress”.   “Why did I marry you? he shouted over the phone.  “I can’t believe you did something so foolish?  Why didn’t you leave a key with the neighbor?”….the whole nine yards….   Finally, he agreed to return and retraced the usual route back to their home.

After opening the door quickly, hubby rushed back into his car and began the trip back to his office for a second time that morning, still hot under the collar and whispering under his breath.

To his shock, just as he approached the George Washington Bridge, he observed a plane flying overhead and seconds later saw a huge ball of fire in the sky around the World Trade Center where he worked.

Suddenly he became aware that the pesky squirrel, that had caused so much distraction and delay that morning, had actually been the “obstacle” had held him back from certain death.  You see, his entire company was located above the level where the plane commandeered by terrorists had hit the tower on that fateful day…9/11/2001.

So dear friends, remember that everything happens exactly as it is meant to, according to a divine plan and sometimes the things that seem to be a nuisance, a blocked path or even a disappointment, may actually turn out to be a blessing in disguise.

Wishing you all a week of health, happiness, success and joy.


Bracha Malka

Infinite Well of Love

We each have an infinite well of love from which to draw.   May we each continue to draw from it the right things, in the right way and at the right time.   Special thanks to my dear friend Esther Chaya Avinoam for continually inspiring me and so many others to grow in our knowledge, understanding and practice of all that will bring true and lasting peace into the world.  With much love and appreciation. xxx    Blessing,

Bracha Malka


A dear friend working in Thailand  once send me a stunning photo of a bamboo garden.  I immediately became intrigued about how this beautiful plant grows and started to read all about it.

I learned that in its early life cycle it grows mostly underground, unseen for about 3-5 years before it rises noticeably from the surface. Then it explodes in growth… twenty to thirty feet in the first year! Some species  grow up to 100 feet tall in a single year!  Almost no noticeable growth for 3-5 years and then it shoots up 30-100 feet high in its first year of growth towards the sky.

Think about the similarities to our journeys in life…

We start so many new projects and sometimes give up after only a few weeks of trying because they see no immediate results.  We go to the gym for two weeks and  don’t lose 20 pounds like the advertisement said we would we quit and gain back the weight plus a few additional pounds!

Some of us start saving or investing money for a few months and doesn’t see immediate gains in our net worth, so we decide to take the money out and spend it on something that will be worthless in a year.

The same is true for relationships, teams, businesses… in short, everything in life! The Universe works on exponential growth cycles. Very slow change then once we hit Critical Mass, huge changes seemingly overnight.  But only for those who are determined and persistent enough to stay the course!

We live in a society of never ending hype and unrealistic promises and are often caught up in the media madness, skillfully geared to redirecting our path to suit the needs of their sponsors, not us as the consumers.

My advise is to pave your intention, follow your passion, stay focused and never, ever give up on your goals and dreams.

Make your passion your life’s work. Work on your mission everyday and do it with pleasure and joy.

It won’t even seem like work.

And one day you will look up and your business, your relationships, your body, your finances and your dreams (like Bamboo) will have reached  heights unimaginable to you right now. 

Everyone will likely comment that you are an “overnight success”,  but you will know the truth… that you were growing all along, unseen, unnoticed, underground…until one day …

May we each be blessed to receive whatever is for our greatest and highest good, in the right way and in the right time.

And may we continue to grow from strength to strength in all we do.


Bracha Malka


How many times have we thought to ourselves, “If only”?

“If only” I had done this or that, “If only” my parents had sent me to a better school or I had grown up in a better neighborhood.  “If only” I hadn’t goofed off in College or taken time to “find myself” and ended up in some far away place trying to learn how others lived their lives.

Every one of us at some time or another has had that “moment” when we take stock of our life and wish perhaps that we had made different choices, had other priorities or simply followed what we were passionate about in life.

Sometimes it even takes a tragedy to bring us to the realization that time is going to continue moving on,with us or without us.  How sad that only when we see our time on this earth lessening or a health crisis puts our very existence at risk,  we begin to truly appreciate the power of one…ourself!

Why does it take losing something vibrant and meaningful in order to be able to deeply appreciate the unique “gifts” we were each blessed with?

And how many lost opportunities have we suffered collectively because we didn’t want to move out of our “comfort zone” or weren’t certain if we could afford to take a chance?

How many times have we talked ourselves into believing it’s too late anyways?   What difference can one person make? Too late to learn a new skill… too late to get into better health… too late to undue the things that we did perhaps without carefully considering the consequences.

Well, I’d like you to consider a story, my story actually about “putting off” what I knew was my life mission, allowing the opinions of others to deeply affect how I thought and felt, acted and reacted.  How the fear of repercussions “disabled” rather than “enabled” me to live my dreams and share what I knew were gifts and blessings to help heal the world.

Until one day, everything I loved and cherished was either gone or at risk of being taken from me.  I found  myself unable to even comprehend how I would navigate the turbulent tides that suddenly became my day to day life. And most of all, how I would ever again be able to connect with what I once took so much for granted and in fact tried to “diminish” in order not to “make waves.”

I am reminded of my late father’s words when he spoke about life as a free man, after a long period in Siberia, during which he suffered severe beatings, starvation and worse.  Still bearing the scars of his internment in a labor camp, he looked me in the eye and proudly announced that the only person in this world who could break my spirit was me!

All of us suffer emotional, physical, spiritual and financial setbacks at one time or the other.  What makes the difference between succeeding and failing is just as Daddy said…never losing sight of who and what we are, where we came from and most of all where we are going.

I encourage each one of you regardless of where you are on your personal path to concern his words and focus on what you are capable of doing, where  you are capable of going and whose lives you may influence for the better along the way.

There are so many stories and experiences I hope to share in the coming months of people and experiences of ordinary people in extraordinary circumstances who all have one thing in common…they made up their minds that it was not ever going to be too late to be who they were meant to be, to share the lessons they themselves had learned or to embrace the gifts that the Master Conductor had sent with them when they came into this world.  

Shared with love,

Bracha Malka


I’ve always loved butterflies from the earliest times I can remember as a young child.

Their incredible voyage from life as a lowly caterpillar right through to their inaugural flight has been a source of fascination and delight and remains so even today.

I recall a famous story retold from one of our sages about the plight of a butterfly attempting to free itself from the “home” in which it underwent its life-changing transformation.

The story is told of a farmer walking through the woods and coming upon a cocoon from which a butterfly was thrusting itself again and again against the opening in an attempt to free itself and emerge in its mature form.

Watching intently for several minutes, the farmer finally decided to take matters into his own hands. Taking his pocket knife with the skill of a surgeon, he cut a slit in the top of the cocoon to make the opening bigger and easier to pass through.

To his shock, the next thrust of the butterfly caused it to be flung out onto a nearby leaf, where it lay swollen, wings shriveled…and unable to take flight.

The wise sage later explained that this story closely parallels the journey of man from a helpless infant unable to even crawl or walk, to his eventual growth and emergence as a mature spiritual being capable of “flight”.

“You see”, the sage said, “It is through our struggles and efforts to release ourselves from “restrictive” situations, that the fluid (energy vessel) is made stronger and “inflates our wings”.



Welcome to, my brand new blog and the beginning of what I  hope will be a beautiful community of like-minded individuals committed to healing  the world…one person at a time!

Within these pages, you will find informative and inspiring messages about Health, Wellness, Intuitive Healing, and just about anything else that will assist you to make positive changes in your life and the lives of your loved ones and communities.

You will learn how to take charge of your life by taking care and be part of the creation of a healthy legacy for generations to follow.

This project would not have been possible had it not been for the unconditional love and kindness of too many to mention.

First of all, my medical writing partner, Dr Ian Yip, MD, Associate Professor UCLA Department of Internal Medicine, a pioneering physician particularly in the areas of Weight Management, Diabetes and related health issues who combines flawlessly both Eastern and Western Philosophies of Health and Wellness. Watch for more information on our upcoming book.

Secondly, my attorney, David Lavi, Esq. Beverly Hills, Ca., who literally “rescued me” in the hallways of an L.A. County Courthouse and immediately impressed me with his commitment to social justice and complex legal issues.  His brilliant mind and tireless work to ensure justice for me against incredible odds has set a standard for all of his peers in the legal profession.

Susan Feldman, Executive Producer, CBC Radio, Literary Programming & Arts Features, who has been my rock particularly over the last six months as I navigated many medical and legal challenges.  Susan has always been a source of information, warmth, and unconditional love for my family (and many others) and I credit her continued support and encouragement with getting me to this day…not to mention her fabulous homemade soup!

Lynn Manwar, owner of Wellness Detective and other sites, currently recovering from treatment for Breast Cancer. Lynn continued to network and inspire me and so many others (even while receiving heavy doses of chemotherapy) and was never at a loss for a good word.  I especially love your phrase, “If I can do it…anyone can.”  Survivor, author, public speaker, cherished friend. May you continue to spread information and advise on how to optimize our health and demystify the complex issues we face such as “preserving our fertility” while going through cancer treatment.

Joseph Meerbaum, Esq.,Entrepeneur and Financier, my “chosen” brother,  for sharing his office, his wisdom and his unconditional support for the last 15 years and encouraging me to “never, never , never give up”…no matter what!

Scarlett Rose, who literally stopped the presses on her own ezine/website presence to assist me with the technical aspects of customizing this blog.  Random Acts of Kindness in the most present form.

My children Pinchas and Daniel, daughter-in-law Ayala and baby grandson Uriya Yosef,  who are my diamonds, and the inspiration to continue on with my work regardless of the obstacles.

The many friends (both old and new) who have offered suggestions, listened to me, made me laugh and cry — but never gave up hope that I would not only heal but be stronger and wiser for having passed through what I did.

Rukshan Mehta, my secret angel and a tireless crusader for Women’s Rights and in particular the rights of Victims of Domestic Violence.  Rukshan, in her quiet, powerful way is truly a voice for those who have no voice. had its humble beginnings in the pleas of a young man who passed much too soon from this world.  He was a victim of abuse in many forms and the first to inspire my spiritual writings, which G-d willing will be published soon.

Across the boundaries of time and space, this “angel” has encouraged me to teach and to share the inspired messages I have been blessed to receive in hopes of making the world a better place for all,

and to always remember that

“Only Love is Real.”

Looking forward to sharing informative and inspiring messages

with all of you.


Bracha Malka

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