Bracha Malka Miller — Medical Intuitive Healer


I’ve always loved butterflies from the earliest times I can remember as a young child.

Their incredible voyage from life as a lowly caterpillar right through to their inaugural flight has been a source of fascination and delight and remains so even today.

I recall a famous story retold from one of our sages about the plight of a butterfly attempting to free itself from the “home” in which it underwent its life-changing transformation.

The story is told of a farmer walking through the woods and coming upon a cocoon from which a butterfly was thrusting itself again and again against the opening in an attempt to free itself and emerge in its mature form.

Watching intently for several minutes, the farmer finally decided to take matters into his own hands. Taking his pocket knife with the skill of a surgeon, he cut a slit in the top of the cocoon to make the opening bigger and easier to pass through.

To his shock, the next thrust of the butterfly caused it to be flung out onto a nearby leaf, where it lay swollen, wings shriveled…and unable to take flight.

The wise sage later explained that this story closely parallels the journey of man from a helpless infant unable to even crawl or walk, to his eventual growth and emergence as a mature spiritual being capable of “flight”.

“You see”, the sage said, “It is through our struggles and efforts to release ourselves from “restrictive” situations, that the fluid (energy vessel) is made stronger and “inflates our wings”.

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