Bracha Malka Miller — Medical Intuitive Healer


How many times have we thought to ourselves, “If only”?

“If only” I had done this or that, “If only” my parents had sent me to a better school or I had grown up in a better neighborhood.  “If only” I hadn’t goofed off in College or taken time to “find myself” and ended up in some far away place trying to learn how others lived their lives.

Every one of us at some time or another has had that “moment” when we take stock of our life and wish perhaps that we had made different choices, had other priorities or simply followed what we were passionate about in life.

Sometimes it even takes a tragedy to bring us to the realization that time is going to continue moving on,with us or without us.  How sad that only when we see our time on this earth lessening or a health crisis puts our very existence at risk,  we begin to truly appreciate the power of one…ourself!

Why does it take losing something vibrant and meaningful in order to be able to deeply appreciate the unique “gifts” we were each blessed with?

And how many lost opportunities have we suffered collectively because we didn’t want to move out of our “comfort zone” or weren’t certain if we could afford to take a chance?

How many times have we talked ourselves into believing it’s too late anyways?   What difference can one person make? Too late to learn a new skill… too late to get into better health… too late to undue the things that we did perhaps without carefully considering the consequences.

Well, I’d like you to consider a story, my story actually about “putting off” what I knew was my life mission, allowing the opinions of others to deeply affect how I thought and felt, acted and reacted.  How the fear of repercussions “disabled” rather than “enabled” me to live my dreams and share what I knew were gifts and blessings to help heal the world.

Until one day, everything I loved and cherished was either gone or at risk of being taken from me.  I found  myself unable to even comprehend how I would navigate the turbulent tides that suddenly became my day to day life. And most of all, how I would ever again be able to connect with what I once took so much for granted and in fact tried to “diminish” in order not to “make waves.”

I am reminded of my late father’s words when he spoke about life as a free man, after a long period in Siberia, during which he suffered severe beatings, starvation and worse.  Still bearing the scars of his internment in a labor camp, he looked me in the eye and proudly announced that the only person in this world who could break my spirit was me!

All of us suffer emotional, physical, spiritual and financial setbacks at one time or the other.  What makes the difference between succeeding and failing is just as Daddy said…never losing sight of who and what we are, where we came from and most of all where we are going.

I encourage each one of you regardless of where you are on your personal path to concern his words and focus on what you are capable of doing, where  you are capable of going and whose lives you may influence for the better along the way.

There are so many stories and experiences I hope to share in the coming months of people and experiences of ordinary people in extraordinary circumstances who all have one thing in common…they made up their minds that it was not ever going to be too late to be who they were meant to be, to share the lessons they themselves had learned or to embrace the gifts that the Master Conductor had sent with them when they came into this world.  

Shared with love,

Bracha Malka

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