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Infinite Well of Love

We each have an infinite well of love from which to draw.   May we each continue to draw from it the right things, in the right way and at the right time.   Special thanks to my dear friend Esther Chaya Avinoam for continually inspiring me and so many others to grow in our knowledge, understanding and practice of all that will bring true and lasting peace into the world.  With much love and appreciation. xxx    Blessing,

Bracha Malka

Big Bamboo


A dear friend working in Thailand  once send me a stunning photo of a bamboo garden.  I immediately became intrigued about how this beautiful plant grows and started to read all about it.

I learned that in its early life cycle it grows mostly underground, unseen for about 3-5 years before it rises noticeably from the surface. Then it explodes in growth… twenty to thirty feet in the first year! Some species  grow up to 100 feet tall in a single year!  Almost no noticeable growth for 3-5 years and then it shoots up 30-100 feet high in its first year of growth towards the sky.

Think about the similarities to our journeys in life…

We start so many new projects and sometimes give up after only a few weeks of trying because they see no immediate results.  We go to the gym for two weeks and  don’t lose 20 pounds like the advertisement said we would we quit and gain back the weight plus a few additional pounds!

Some of us start saving or investing money for a few months and doesn’t see immediate gains in our net worth, so we decide to take the money out and spend it on something that will be worthless in a year.

The same is true for relationships, teams, businesses… in short, everything in life! The Universe works on exponential growth cycles. Very slow change then once we hit Critical Mass, huge changes seemingly overnight.  But only for those who are determined and persistent enough to stay the course!

We live in a society of never ending hype and unrealistic promises and are often caught up in the media madness, skillfully geared to redirecting our path to suit the needs of their sponsors, not us as the consumers.

My advise is to pave your intention, follow your passion, stay focused and never, ever give up on your goals and dreams.

Make your passion your life’s work. Work on your mission everyday and do it with pleasure and joy.

It won’t even seem like work.

And one day you will look up and your business, your relationships, your body, your finances and your dreams (like Bamboo) will have reached  heights unimaginable to you right now. 

Everyone will likely comment that you are an “overnight success”,  but you will know the truth… that you were growing all along, unseen, unnoticed, underground…until one day …

May we each be blessed to receive whatever is for our greatest and highest good, in the right way and in the right time.

And may we continue to grow from strength to strength in all we do.


Bracha Malka

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