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A Walk in the Woods


One of the simple pleasures in my life is walking my son’s service dog in the forest behind his home.  Bella is a gorgeous white golden doodle  who was specially trained to assist Daniel with many tasks after he underwent a very serious Neurological operation in 2008.  Thankfully, he has made an amazing recovery and his beloved little girl is now an adored family pet.

One of Bella’s favorite things to do is chase the squirrels she sees as we make our way around the various paths, and of course have me chase her as she runs along after them.

On one of our recent walks I came upon the branches winding across the path ahead of me  (just as you see in the picture I have attached) and thought of how powerful the message was that G-d was showing me through this simple act of nature.

How many times are we going along on our way, carrying out the various tasks we need to accomplish, when suddenly we are met with some sort of obstacle that causes us to stop and take notice.

An accident on the road as we travel to our destination, a delay in receiving some needed documents or paperwork, a sudden illness that delays our plans or even some weather pattern that makes it not possible to continue as we had planned.

I’m reminded of a friend who accidentally locked herself out of the house trying to prevent a squirrel from coming in through her back door.  The screen door it seems was locked, and after shooing the unwanted visitor away, there she stood in her back garden with only her cell phone to help her get back in!

Her first frantic call was to her husband, rushing into the city in morning traffic, hoping to be in his office for the 9 am deadline most brokers and traders are vigilant about meeting.

His response was less than friendly when she retold what had transpired and begged him to turn around and come back to rescue the “damsel in distress”.   “Why did I marry you? he shouted over the phone.  “I can’t believe you did something so foolish?  Why didn’t you leave a key with the neighbor?”….the whole nine yards….   Finally, he agreed to return and retraced the usual route back to their home.

After opening the door quickly, hubby rushed back into his car and began the trip back to his office for a second time that morning, still hot under the collar and whispering under his breath.

To his shock, just as he approached the George Washington Bridge, he observed a plane flying overhead and seconds later saw a huge ball of fire in the sky around the World Trade Center where he worked.

Suddenly he became aware that the pesky squirrel, that had caused so much distraction and delay that morning, had actually been the “obstacle” had held him back from certain death.  You see, his entire company was located above the level where the plane commandeered by terrorists had hit the tower on that fateful day…9/11/2001.

So dear friends, remember that everything happens exactly as it is meant to, according to a divine plan and sometimes the things that seem to be a nuisance, a blocked path or even a disappointment, may actually turn out to be a blessing in disguise.

Wishing you all a week of health, happiness, success and joy.


Bracha Malka

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