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I Am a Warrior

Mikayla Francis touched the hearts of Australians, and offered a final poignant message of love for her dad before losing her battle with cancer.
Her biggest fear was being forgotten, but her story prompted an emotional outpouring from hundreds, who pledged they would always remember her, granting her greatest wish.

“The most important things I’m going to remember are her courage and faith and her unwavering selflessness. Her care and love and consideration for other people was amazing. She always thought about everyone else before herself. She was seven years old. She didn’t know why and she couldn’t comprehend it but she didn’t waver in her faith. Her mom put her hand on her chest and I put my hand on her shoulder, and as soon as we touched her, there was a sigh and two breaths, and she was gone,” Mr Francis said.

We rarely take advantage of the fleeting moments as they pass, but in this moment, I wanted to dedicate the following to Courageous little Mikayla, so that she will never be forgotten. Please share, so that we may honor her darling spirit, visiting us too briefly. When I honor her memory, I think of her saying these words:

I am a warrior.

I accept that life has challenges, that the road to success and mastery is strewn with the bodies of those who believed it would be easy, and did not prepare. I prepare. Every day I sharpen my mind and heart.

I know that fear is a constant companion for those who would live an authentic existence, free of comforting illusion. I make fear my friend, allowing it to empower me, to drive me toward my destiny. I put my love in front of me, my fear behind me, and run like hell.

I take responsibility for my actions and emotions, for my destiny. I know that I am the only one who can bring my dreams into reality, and have organized my mind and emotions so that every action is in alignment with my most deeply held values.

I know that action creates emotion, and resolve to take effective action toward my goals every single day, without fail. However small, I will take at least one single step to clarify my mind and heal my heart. I break my long-term goals into bits I can accomplish one step at a time. Always, I remember that the Way is in training–in constant, conscious action.

I have the honesty to know I cannot do it all alone. I commit to facing my death with grace and calm. A warrior is not, as some mistakenly think, merely someone willing to die for what they believe in. That could also be said of a martyr. A warrior is willing to destroy her own ego, day after day, to make room for the best and most authentic essence of her true Heart to emerge.

I have faith in a caring, living universe that sustains me, in God, in something larger and more enduring than my transitory physical existence. I will never be limited by my own flaws and failings: I have more. I have faith.

I confront my challenges and meet them head on if necessary, but never forget to be flexible and creative: I will go over, under, around and through. I’ll try new things. Try old things. Work harder, smarter, faster, better. Try early, try late. Give it everything I have, day after day when others have yielded to fatigue and doubt. And then I will work even harder and longer.

I teach the world by example. Every step, every breath, every word, every action represents me. I behave at all times as if my most honored teachers and beloved friends know my heart and see my actions. I commit at all times to being my very best. I also know that every day opens the door to the next level of action and challenge. Every ending is a new beginning. I commit to sharing what I have learned. I am a link in a chain of striving, caring, struggling human beings stretching back to the dawn of time, and forward to a brighter future.

Here and now, however short that time may be, I vow my heart to be the strongest link in that chain.

I will commit to nothing less.

I am a warrior.

You are remembered, Mikayla.

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