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Scott Dehn

This week’s Inspired Messenger, Scott Dehn, is not only a student of Holistic Science, Spiritual/Divine Science, and a Reiki Teacher, he is also working on his novel “The Learnings of Sarah Monroe. Nature Photographer”
Two years ago, nearly to the day, he was hospitalized for severe weight loss and extremely low blood pressure. It was toward the end of what he would call surrendering to God, as many aspects of his life were in a free-fall, seemingly into an abyss. He nearly died.

During his week long stay in the hospital, Scott was guided to do more in imparting spiritual beliefs to others. As Scott says. “I have always been active, teaching Reiki, being altruistic, but God was pushing for more, and I clearly sensed that calling.”

Because of this, he is writing a novel about a young girl who comes into spiritual awareness after a tragedy, sharing inspiration on social media, and has started a four year journey to get his ministry in Divine Science.

Scott Dehn knows that he has much to share, many to help, and a lot of unconditional love to spread. And because of this realization is grateful for his learning and many opportunities.

I asked Scott what inspired message he would like to share and his answer was this: I encourage all who may be reading this to consider more. The world, our lives, are not about how much we can attain or how much power we can wield; it is about being loving and caring, providing assistance, a helping hand to someone or many. This is an evolutionary process, and will unfold naturally. But this, by no means, suggests we have to wait. Take action. Join the evolution now.

On a personal note, Scott has been instrumental in providing me with many of the inspiring messages, notes and quotes which have helped launch so successfully.   He embodies many of the character traits I value so very much in others and does it all in a modest and unassuming way.

I am very proud to have him in my circle and look forward to his continued growth from strength to strength!

Scott  Dehn can be reached on Twitter @ScottDehn or Facebook at!/scott.dehn

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