Bracha Malka Miller — Medical Intuitive Healer

About Bracha Malka

Bracha Malka Miller
One Step Beyond
By J. Manfredi

Bracha Malka Miller was born in Toronto in the late ’50s, she says in a cabbage patch of Polish and Russian descent. She attended a private girl’s school and by the time she was 6 years old she knew that she wanted to focus her life on helping people. She went to nursing school in Toronto and became an ICU nurse, specializing in cardiac cases involving open-heart surgery, and helped people that way for almost 20 years. The record shows that no one in her care ever died, something that is highly unusual.

She became Orthodox as a teenager, a process she describes as gradual and one that began with her mother’s death when Bracha Malka was just 13. Her father died when she was 22.

“She says today that she cannot begin to unravel the Kabbalah to the level she remembers in her vision, but something profoundly affected her during this experience. She felt as if someone was rewiring her soul.”

She was always spiritual, but her parents couldn’t teach her much because they were non-observant. Different people helped her find her way and encouraged her, and she began by lighting candles on Friday nights. Her observance gradually increased as time evolved. She also discovered that generations back her mother’s antecedent was Rabbi Noam Eliemelech of Lezjensk. God had plans for Bracha Malka. She first married at 22 and was a widow at 26 with two children, now 26 and 25. Then at 33 she married a very Orthodox man from a very distinguished family, a cantor in Toronto. It just didn’t work out. Now she’s free as a bird and settling in Geula, Jerusalem to pursue her calling. In addition to being an ICI and ER nurse, Bracha Malka, by some miracle, has become a healer.

This gift of healing was not given to her lightly. At 33 she was diagnosed with ovarian cancer and given six months to live. She beat those numbers. Treated in the United States, five years later she was diagnosed with primary breast cancer, treated with a bi-lateral mastectomy and reconstruction by Dr. Michael Drever who held her hand as she went under and said, “I want you to forgive me for what I am about to do to you.”

Today she asks, “Can you believe it? The man was apologizing for saving my life.” Today she is a testament to his talents and gifts, and he sends her his patients so they can feel secure in the knowledge that she can help them too.

While undergoing treatment, Bracha Malka was placed in an MRI machine, a long, narrow tube used to scan a body’s tissues for function and blood flow. Bracha Malka was short of breath when the test began – either due to her chronic asthma or because her breast cancer had metastasized to the point where her lungs were compromised. Whatever it was, moments after the procedure began, and the techs went into the other room to read the scans, Bracha Malka stopped breathing. Her respiratory arrest went untracked, and soon she suffered cardiac arrest.

That’s when it happened. Suddenly she felt herself floating above her body, looking at herself below, she began screaming for a crash cart, but no one could hear her. That’s when she realized she had left her body. She felt a warm light pulling at her while it seemed as if an icy breeze was blowing against her face. She supposed she was flowing through various dimensions.
From that point on, she felt as if she was traveling through a vortex. In this dream state she came to a place where she encountered some of the greatest minds in Jewish history. Among them were Maimonides, the Ohr Chaim, Rabbi Mordechai Sharabi, Rabbi Chaim Vitel and many Sephardic chachamim, though she still doesn’t understand why they were Sephardic because she came from an Ashkenazic background. In her mind, she heard the scholars discussing the mysteries of the universe. They beckoned her forward, as if they recognized her, and began to bless her. She says today that she cannot begin to unravel the Kabbalah to the level she remembers in her vision, but that something profoundly affected her during this experience. She felt as if someone was rewiring her soul. At no time were any of her immediate deceased family members present. Though she tried to see them, they never appeared.

In the distance, a shimmering image did appear. It was the Temple Mount in Jerusalem, with the Dome of the Rock glistening above it. A huge hand came down from the sky and lifted the dome off the mosque. As the dome was lifted, it transmogrified into the golden utensils of the Beit Hamikdash, the holy temple destroyed by the Romans, and then the temple itself seemed to appear on the Mount. She saw golden doors that seemed three stories high, and the Levites were playing celestial music as the doors opened. A mist appeared from the opening, and from within a question came at her: “What have you learned about unconditional love?” She did not respond, but her soul experienced a film of her life, flashing by in reverse, into other times and other lives, Seemingly to the beginning of time. The voice then announced that Bracha Malka had been brought to this place to be given a gift in the merit of her
ancestors, Zechut Avot.

She envisioned the High priest climbing the ramp to the Holy of Holies, and heard the bells of his silver pomegranates. There was an intense heat filling her heart and consciousness, and she was drawn to the left, where there was a huge building that held a long table at which 36 scholars, righteous men all, sat and learned.

“You can feel the energy flowing from her hands through the top of your head through to the base of your spine. Sharp pains that have hung around like old pests suddenly disappear. Bracha Malka does have a gift, and it is tangible.”

Among them were the Chofetz Chaim, the Abarbanel, rabbis of all persuasions, including Rabbi Moishe Feinstein. She felt as if she had violated their space and excused herself, when at that moment, one of the men at the end of the table, very handsome, with dark hair, a full beard and piercing eyes, motioned for her to stay put. She did, and he identified himself as the Ari HaKodesh. He lifted a holy book and handed it to her, and told her mission was to heal people by using her hands. She was awed and overwhelmed, and gasped for breath. She felt a stab of pain in her right shoulder as she came back to herself with a thud and a gift, and no instruction manual.

After 14 minutes as a flatliner (a clinically dead person), Bracha Malka was brought back to life. Her nurse told her that she’d had a heart attack. She responded by telling the nurse, “don’t worry about your kids, they are okay.” The nurse, as it happened, for the very first time, had left her two young children with a caregiver. She was amazed. So was Bracha Malka. Within seven weeks, all the cancer in her body disappeared and she began to understand and “see” the people around her. She knew who was grieving and who was ill; she just seemed to sense it, and it intimidated her. She began to ask God for guidance, and was afraid that she would be dismissed as a kook. The response continually came back, “just do it!” She did, and her life has never been the same.

Whatever that experience was, her life has changed significantly. Every day she asks God to send her the people
who need her the most.

Today Bracha Malka is always seeking and doing. She understands that she has changed in deep ways and that her mission now is to heal others.

Her experience in the MRI took place on St. Patrick’s Day, 1996, a holiday she jokingly says they celebrate at her house. After that fall she met with a respected rabbi for an hour and a half. He told her he recognized the light within her and that she was related to him. He also told her that she must carry out her mission, but that most people would not understand and that discretion was important. She had a special gift and it had to be put to good use. Since then she has been working with doctors and rabbis around the world. She has been consulted by names in the news, from kings and political figures to movie stars, including Elizabeth Taylor.

We don’t know much about Elizabeth Taylor, but here is what we do know. We have spent two days with Bracha Malka, watching her work. When she is with a “patient,” they don’t say a word, and she will tell them exactly where they hurt and how and why. We have watched tough men who are cynical about the world fall into a healing sleep beneath her hands, she doesn’t even have to touch them. Two people were amazed at the immediate relief she offered, one was an orthodox Jew, the other an agnostic. Today, they both believe that Bracha Malka can do things others can’t.

Bracha Malka generates a heat that is reflective. You can feel the energy flowing from her hands. Sharp pains that have hung around like old pests suddenly disappear. Bracha Malka does have a gift, and it is tangible. Ask some of her fans, who stretch from the world of the Haredim to the secular and spiritless, as well as to the 5OO children she helped bring into the world. Wherever she goes, her energy emanates from her with a healthy glow.

Today she has come back to New York to treat a young girl who has been in an unresponsive coma for six months. This week that girl opened her eyes for the first time and is now breathing on her own, although she is still far from well.Soon Bracha Malka will be back in Jerusalem the Holy City, because a rabbi advised her that she is much needed there. She will settle in Geula ready to face whatever new challenges are tossed at her, always working, looking for the next person in need.

If Bracha Malka had three wishes, her first would be to be able to treat people as an act of kindness. The second is a wish for peace and health in our world, and the third is for more people to take her healing work more seriously.

Bracha Malka, the queen who brings blessings, blessings upon you.

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