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I’ve Always Loved Butterflies


I’ve always loved butterflies from the earliest times I can remember as a young child.

Their incredible voyage from life as a lowly caterpillar right through to their inaugural flight has been a source of fascination and delight and remains so even today.

I recall a famous story retold from one of our sages about the plight of a butterfly attempting to free itself from the “home” in which it underwent its life-changing transformation.

The story is told of a farmer walking through the woods and coming upon a cocoon from which a butterfly was thrusting itself again and again against the opening in an attempt to free itself and emerge in its mature form.

Watching intently for several minutes, the farmer finally decided to take matters into his own hands. Taking his pocket knife with the skill of a surgeon, he cut a slit in the top of the cocoon to make the opening bigger and easier to pass through.

To his shock, the next thrust of the butterfly caused it to be flung out onto a nearby leaf, where it lay swollen, wings shriveled…and unable to take flight.

The wise sage later explained that this story closely parallels the journey of man from a helpless infant unable to even crawl or walk, to his eventual growth and emergence as a mature spiritual being capable of “flight”.

“You see”, the sage said, “It is through our struggles and efforts to release ourselves from “restrictive” situations, that the fluid (energy vessel) is made stronger and “inflates our wings”.



Welcome to, my brand new blog and the beginning of what I  hope will be a beautiful community of like-minded individuals committed to healing  the world…one person at a time!

Within these pages, you will find informative and inspiring messages about Health, Wellness, Intuitive Healing, and just about anything else that will assist you to make positive changes in your life and the lives of your loved ones and communities.

You will learn how to take charge of your life by taking care and be part of the creation of a healthy legacy for generations to follow.

This project would not have been possible had it not been for the unconditional love and kindness of too many to mention.

First of all, my medical writing partner, Dr Ian Yip, MD, Associate Professor UCLA Department of Internal Medicine, a pioneering physician particularly in the areas of Weight Management, Diabetes and related health issues who combines flawlessly both Eastern and Western Philosophies of Health and Wellness. Watch for more information on our upcoming book.

Secondly, my attorney, David Lavi, Esq. Beverly Hills, Ca., who literally “rescued me” in the hallways of an L.A. County Courthouse and immediately impressed me with his commitment to social justice and complex legal issues.  His brilliant mind and tireless work to ensure justice for me against incredible odds has set a standard for all of his peers in the legal profession.

Susan Feldman, Executive Producer, CBC Radio, Literary Programming & Arts Features, who has been my rock particularly over the last six months as I navigated many medical and legal challenges.  Susan has always been a source of information, warmth, and unconditional love for my family (and many others) and I credit her continued support and encouragement with getting me to this day…not to mention her fabulous homemade soup!

Lynn Manwar, owner of Wellness Detective and other sites, currently recovering from treatment for Breast Cancer. Lynn continued to network and inspire me and so many others (even while receiving heavy doses of chemotherapy) and was never at a loss for a good word.  I especially love your phrase, “If I can do it…anyone can.”  Survivor, author, public speaker, cherished friend. May you continue to spread information and advise on how to optimize our health and demystify the complex issues we face such as “preserving our fertility” while going through cancer treatment.

Joseph Meerbaum, Esq.,Entrepeneur and Financier, my “chosen” brother,  for sharing his office, his wisdom and his unconditional support for the last 15 years and encouraging me to “never, never , never give up”…no matter what!

Scarlett Rose, who literally stopped the presses on her own ezine/website presence to assist me with the technical aspects of customizing this blog.  Random Acts of Kindness in the most present form.

My children Pinchas and Daniel, daughter-in-law Ayala and baby grandson Uriya Yosef,  who are my diamonds, and the inspiration to continue on with my work regardless of the obstacles.

The many friends (both old and new) who have offered suggestions, listened to me, made me laugh and cry — but never gave up hope that I would not only heal but be stronger and wiser for having passed through what I did.

Rukshan Mehta, my secret angel and a tireless crusader for Women’s Rights and in particular the rights of Victims of Domestic Violence.  Rukshan, in her quiet, powerful way is truly a voice for those who have no voice. had its humble beginnings in the pleas of a young man who passed much too soon from this world.  He was a victim of abuse in many forms and the first to inspire my spiritual writings, which G-d willing will be published soon.

Across the boundaries of time and space, this “angel” has encouraged me to teach and to share the inspired messages I have been blessed to receive in hopes of making the world a better place for all,

and to always remember that

“Only Love is Real.”

Looking forward to sharing informative and inspiring messages

with all of you.


Bracha Malka

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